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The Matsuoka Brewery - one of the oldest and most renowned sake breweries in Japan, founded in 1851 in Ogawamachi, Saitima Prefecture. Here, sake is produced at the highest level, and the secret lies in the water, which is particularly hard and rich in minerals. The water comes from their own well, which is fed by the Chichibu mountains. These mountains are known for their crystal clear water, which is also used for the production of whisky.

Matsuoka sake is a unique experience that will delight any palate. The brewery offers a variety of sake types, each with its own flavour profile and character. From dry to sweet, fruity to earthy, there is something for every taste to discover.

Experience the exquisite craftsmanship and expertise that goes into every Matsuoka sake. Be inspired by the distinctive taste and quality of the sake and enjoy an authentic Japanese sake experience.

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